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12 Best Oversized Tennis Rackets We've Tested

Lucy Phuong
  Jun 1, 2023 1:10 AM

Learn how to select the top tennis rackets that are oversized for your. You may be searching for the perfect beginner tennis racquet, or a racquet which offers you the perfect combination of spin, power and control Let Wilson provide you with the information for selecting the ideal tennis racquet that is suitable for any kind of player.

Our goal is to create an improved tennis racket for each of these. We offer four main line of racquets, each focusing on one specific advantage in performance in terms of precision, feel, the power, and control. Once the player is aware of what advantage they want in a top tennis racket we offer different sizes of weights and sieves that give a greater degree of customisation for any kind of player.

Tennis players who are taking up the sport at first need to start with a higher-quality, light tennis racquet, with an increased head size, commonly called the "oversized" tennis racquet. This will enable them to hit the ball regularly while they learn to move without straining their arm while their muscles adjust to the sport.

When you are looking for the best oversized tennis rackets there are a few items to consider when that you should consider before purchasing.

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Buying Guides

Recommendations on Head Size


When you are buying an racquet for tennis there are a variety of factors to think about such as age, level of play materials, price, and age.

If you're a junior player or an adult a majority of beginning players will would benefit by using a racquet having an increased head size or even a head that is larger but the individual's preference can play an important role in selecting the racquet. However, this factor is often not considered.

The larger head sizes give greater power and provide beginner players a bigger area to hit which is commonly called"the "sweet place." The bigger head gives beginners the confidence needed to be able to maintain a clean touch every time, making the game more enjoyable for both them and their partners.

For beginners, the bigger head size. Anything that is more than 100 square inches are suggested and the bigger head size gives you an increased margin of error when playing.

if you are looking for the Best Tennis Racket For Beginners, then the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph is the perfect option. It is easy to use and provides great control and power. So, if you are just starting out in the sport of tennis, then be sure to check out this racket!

Advanced and Intermediate Players

Higher-level players who have developed reliable, stable methods can benefit from having smaller heads.

The smaller head sizes make the racquet easier to control and easier to handle in high-speed, fast-paced sports.

The recommended size for intermediate or advanced athletes is around 97 sq inches the 100-square inch mark. Another thing for these advanced players to think about is the type the tennis that they engage in. such as an individual who plays baseline tennis will benefit from a heavier tennis racquet that has smaller heads, while players who prefer to volley will benefit by a lighter racquet and bigger heads.

Surface Area

A tennis racquet's surface has an important part in controlling power and comfort. As we've mentioned, the greater surface area allows players to achieve a consistent, clean hit on the ball. this is particularly important to the growth of junior players as well as adults who are beginning to learn.

In contrast, racquets with smaller heads offer little room for error, and are only suitable for professionals or advanced players.

"The "sweet sweet spot" is a phrase we have all heard of and the larger head size provides the greatest chance to hit"the sweet spot. When you strike in that sweet area, your hit is effortless and has little or no vibration. It's almost like you didn't hit the ball.

the Best Tennis Racket is the one that is the right size, weight, and grip for them. There are many different types of tennis rackets on the market, so it is important to find the one that is best suited for their individual needs.


The bigger the head is the more power the racquet can provide, while smaller heads allow greater control, but it comes at the cost of losing power every time you strike the ball.

When the ball is struck by the bed of string the strings function as trampolines. And just like trampolines, the bigger the surface is, the greater the importance of the spring's impact is, or in this instance, the more the power.

However the smaller racquet head size is less powerful because of the head's small surface. Making small , incremental changes larger or smaller can have a significant impact on the level of play of a player.


In general the control of a tennis ball is directly affected by the racquet's size and size, with larger heads less maneuverable than smaller counterparts.

However, while manufacturers can fight this issue by using lighter materials and length of the racquet, the size of the head is the most crucial aspect to take into consideration.

when looking for the Best Intermediate Tennis Racket, it is important to keep in mind the weight, balance, and grip of the racket. Additionally, it is important to find a racket that feels comfortable in your hand and suits your playing style. With these tips in mind, you are sure to find the perfect racket for your needs and get started on your tennis journey.

Frame Specifications

String Pattern

This vital part that makes up the tennis racquet gets more often than not ignored by novices and amateurs. String patterns play an extremely crucial role in the feel and the overall performance of the tennis racquet.

There are two kinds of string patterns we call "open as well as "closed." A wide string pattern lets the ball reflect off the bed of string at a higher speed. This pattern permits greater spin on the ball because it can be able to grip the larger wide spaces between each bed.

The disadvantage of this is the fact that strings tend to be further apart, meaning they're more flexible and free to move about, which makes the durability of open string patterns not as optimal. The continuous movement of the bed creates heat and friction and causes the bed to snap or break.

Contrarily it is"closed" string patterns are more powerful "closed" patterns are more dense due to the fact that the bed of the string is more closely spaced. The closed pattern has less potential for spin than open string patterns , and less power.

Closed string patterns can benefit players seeking greater control and longevity within the bed of the string.

Head Balance

Racquets with a heavier frame and with heavier heads are the tennis racquets of the majority of professional players. They are referred to under a variety of names, but generally are known by the name of "players and racquets." They're targeted at players who are able to control their ball and possess the capability to generate their strength without relying upon the racquet.

These racquets can be found in different weight ranges of 11-13 ounces. Their center of gravity, or "balance" is between 1/2 and 1 1/2 inches towards the head, making the head in a lighter state and helps in controlling the weight of the tennis racquet.

The alternative is to choose an racquet that is light and has a large, lightweight head. These racquets are ideal for those who are just beginning their journey as they are extremely light and simple to move, making you to enjoy a thrilling, fun experience.

They come with bigger head sizes and due to their lightweight material, they're comfortable to put on, which assists in preventing injuries to the elbows and wrists.

when choosing the Best Wilson Tennis Racket for your needs, it is important to consider your skill level, playing style, and budget. There are a variety of different rackets on the market to choose from, so it is important to do your research and find the right one for you.


What is the Best Racquet?

It's a query the majority of coaches and shops are asked every day. The answer is that there can be "no one" racket that is suitable for all. Shape, body size and personality, as well as the level of tennis and style of tennis are all important in deciding which tennis rack to purchase.

Explore a range of tennis racquets to determine which will best suit your needs Don't purchase the most expensive racquet simply because it looks nice.

Should I Purchase Mid Plus or Oversize?

There are three sizes of head including mid, middle-plus and over-sized. Selecting the appropriate size for your needs is a personal decision, but the things you should be aware of include:

  • The level of the player
  • The style of the player
  • The strength of the player

In general, players who are advanced prefer the smaller size of head which aids in control. However, beginners would be better off with the larger head size, which has a bigger area of sweet spot that allows for regular, precise contact.

What kinds of strings Are There?

There are now many kinds of string however, the two primary kinds are natural and synthetic.

The natural gut originates from the intestines of a cow, and the majority of professionals choose the gut as their string of choice due to its great comfort and feel which is crucial when playing day in and day out. Polyester and nylon are among the most well-known of synthetic strings that offer the best performance and endurance.


As you will see, when you are deciding on the best oversized tennis rackets that you can afford, it is important to consider many important aspects to take into consideration including head size, type of player and level.

Do I require a heavy tennis racquet that has a large head or do I need a light tennis racquet with a small head or an oversized or mid-sized head? There are a lot of questions to think about.

In the end, which racquet size you select is dependent on your personal preferences. It is important to test a range of racquets for a long period is vital to select the best racquet for you and getting the most value for your money.

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