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Best Adult Soccer Ball for 2022: Reviews, Price History, and Buying Guide

Lucy Phuong
  Nov 29, 2022 1:18 AM

The best adult soccer ball will be a great solution,With so many best adult soccer ball available on the market, selecting the ideal one is not easy. So, Emeraldbowl will provide you with the best adult soccer ball available along with a buying guide, how to test the product, as well as some helpful tips.

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There is nothing more enjoyable than jogging about with your pals and having fun while kicking a soccer ball around. On the other hand, many people fail to see the importance of purchasing a high-quality soccer ball. Keep in mind that your whole experience of playing soccer will be much enhanced if you use a ball of a high grade.

Buying Guide

How it's put to use

In soccer, there are three primary uses of the ball, and each has a distinct sort of ball for that function.

The best and most expensive soccer balls are premium or professional balls.

For international tournaments and professional club competitions, they have been specifically designed and built (like the Champions League and the MLS or the Premier League).

The second most expensive soccer ball is a match ball, which is a high-performance ball for all sorts of playing surfaces and for all ages and levels of play.

They're made with high-quality materials specifically for use in soccer games, ensuring their dependability and peak performance.

Despite meeting all weight, size, and shape requirements, match balls typically have an approval stamp such as "FIFA Approved", "FIFA Inspected", or "NFHS." on them.

The cheapest of the three primary varieties of soccer balls, training balls are also the most durable (for use on any surface, by players of any age or ability level).

A variety of materials, such as clay, asphalt, and concrete, go into the construction of these durable balls for use in training and recreation.

PVC, a lower-quality material, is commonly utilized for the casing — instead of stitched panels, many have molded ones — and the lining is typically only four layers thick.


There is a different ball size for each age category. There are two primary reasons for this: to help prevent accidents and to promote skill improvement. You or your team will require a ball that is appropriate for your age or level of play.

The most common size of ball is size 5. Anyone over the age of 11 must wear this size, according to FIFA.

These balls, which are slightly smaller, are best for children between the ages of 8 and 11.

From the time a child first begins to play until the age of eight, size 3 balls are used.

Check read our post on soccer ball sizes for more information on the subject.

Bladder for Materials and Construction

Butyl or latex rubber is typically used for the bladder, which is the deepest chamber pumped full of air to keep the ball inflated.

In addition to being less expensive, butyl bladders maintain their shape better and retain air more effectively over time.

For the most part, the focus here is on longevity, which means that they may not deliver the best touch and responsiveness. As a result, they're often used in training balls.

A disadvantage of latex bladders is their lower air retention capacity, which makes them more expensive but also better in terms of springiness, feel, touch, and responsiveness. Match and premium soccer balls use them.


Lining is the part of a soccer ball which is sandwiched between the bladder and the casing. It's in charge of the ball's shape and structure, and it works in tandem with the casing to help controllability.

The higher a ball's lining layer count, the better the ball will be.


The football's outermost layer is known as the cover or casing. It protects the inner bladder while offering the best possible comfort and ensuring long-term durability.

Most soccer balls are covered in PVC or PU (Polyurethane) (Polyurethane).

PVC is the least expensive and the most durable of the two materials. For the cover of soccer balls, street balls, indoor soccer balls, and futsal spheres it is utilized, Harder than their PU cousins, these balls tend to be made of polyurethane.

This synthetic resin is also often used for scuff-resistant training balls because it is less expensive and lasts longer. The majority of training ball covers are made of this material.

The price of PU is higher. Premium and official match balls both use it.
Two things are implied by the use of this type of covering: 1) PU balls are softer, more responsive, and easier to control than PVC-based counterparts; but, they are less durable and can be damaged more easily.

However, a glossy coating can be applied to softer PU balls to decrease scuffing and water absorption.

On the lower end of the price spectrum, rubber or plastic wrapped balls may last longer on uneven surfaces, but they are more difficult to play with because of their worse responsiveness and feel.

A ball's cover is made up of panels, which are the many sections that make up the cover. The flight of a football is affected by the total number of these segments, their construction, and the manner they are connected together.

Slightly reduced panel count allows for more sphere-like balls, which reduces water absorption, making them quicker and allowing them to curve better.

For training or practice purposes, having additional control panels may be more beneficial.


With any luck, the information provided in this post by ScottFujita will help you select the adult soccer ball that is going to satisfy all of your requirements. Don't forget to read some of our other articles for helpful shopping advice and reviews of products of high quality!

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